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Kitesurfing and Asteroids
Posted on: 09/18/2019
A German kitesurfer has unintentionally filmed a small asteroid in the sky while enjoying his time in the water near Wremen. Dorian Cieloch was riding his kite and...
Amazing Action with Finn Spencer in Peru
Posted on: 09/17/2019
There are some really good SUP surfers out there, and many of them you’ll probably have heard of before. But the name Finn Spencer may be a relatively new name to...
Barbados Added as New Stop for the APP World Tour
Posted on: 09/16/2019
The APP is proud to announce that the APP World Tour will be coming to the beautiful Island of Barbados from the 9th - 17th November for its 3rd surfing stop of the 2019...
A New Format for the Red Bull King of the Air Starting with 2020
Posted on: 09/16/2019
The competitive format of the Red Bull King of the Air will change dramatically, starting in 2020. The highly-celebrated big air kiteboarding contest wants to give both...
Airush Welcomes Gage Fichter to the Team
Posted on: 09/11/2019
Airush is pleased to announce the addition of Gage Fichter to our Surf Team. Based on the east coast of USA on the Hatteras Island, Gage gets the best of both worlds...
Arthur Arutkin and April Zilg Claim the NY SUP Open Titles
Posted on: 09/10/2019
It was an epic final day of action at the New York SUP Open, as crystal clear blue skies and perfect conditions greeted the APP World Tour athletes as they assembled in...
Aqua Marina Intros the 2020 Inflatable Range
Posted on: 09/09/2019
Aqua Marina has announced the launch of their 2020 inflatable paddle boards and the brand-new inflatable kayaks line, more special SUP boards and upgraded accessories....
F-One Intros the New WTF
Posted on: 09/09/2019
The F-ONE WTF!? is a 5 struts C kite designed to excel in freestyle kiteboarding. The C-Shape itself has always been the best option for making an easy to control and...
World Record Kitesurf Odyssey – The Documentary
Posted on: 09/04/2019
In September 2017, professional kitesurfers Francisco Lufinha and Anke Brandt kite crossed the Atlantic Ocean between the Azores and mainland Portugal. The Portuguese-...
Cool SUP Accessories: Fusion Stereoactive
Posted on: 09/03/2019
The STEREOACTIVE is the world’s first portable floating watersports stereo, designed for the challenge of life on the water. The combination of world-class...
Supconnect Awards: The People’s Choice
Posted on: 09/02/2019
Now that the Supconnect Awards have wrapped with our winners announced we wanted to give a special shout out to those who had the most votes, what we call, the People...
Finnish Kitesurfers Set New World Record
Posted on: 09/02/2019
Three Finnish kitesurfers broke the world record for the longest simultaneous kiteboarding journey. Juuso Tilaéus, Otso Ahvonen and Pekka Rintala sailed 316...
Summer Adventures with Fred Hope
Posted on: 08/28/2019
Summer... It's what every kid lives for. Fred Hope has lived the proverbial endless summer for the past 19 years of his life. Born to long time windsurfers, Fred...
The 2019 Supconnect Awards Winners Are…
Posted on: 08/27/2019
After more than six weeks of deliberations and intense evaluations we are pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Supconnect Awards. After nominating 30 or so men,...
Cool SUP Accessories: the ESCA Fins
Posted on: 08/26/2019
Ever wonder what it’d be like to SUP at night? Now you can with ESCA Fins. The ESCA Fin is the worlds first light up surf fin, the brightest, most convenient SUP...
Eclipse Thruster 2010
Levitra Controindicazioni Understanding splendor can be extremely frustrating, but simply like everything else, it may also...
Core GTS 2012
The kite is awesome, however, I hate the depower of the bar.
Gaastra Pure 2013
god low end, 11m +70kg board 141 kiting from 10knt atomic pop and lift, fast turning, it is not 100% C-shape, more OpenC -...
Best Kahoona 2015
I ride waves, flat water, and snow. I have owned many Kahoona's over the years and this 2015 version has some good improvemen...
Liquid Force Solo 2015
I have the 12, it feels very light and responsive in the air, it has the power of a 13-14m kite, but also depowers to the ran...
Liquid Force Envy 2011
I just wanted to add on the comment "not built as good as other brands, as Cabrinha". 2016 I'm still riding these kits. I did...
Ozone C4 2011
This is really a perfect kite! Very good for high jumps and big tricks. It is easy to use. Nice lay-out!
Gaastra Pure 2013
Great kite fast tons of pop high wind range good low end
Best Kahoona V6 2014
I have the 13.5 and 10.5 Kahoona v6 kites. The 13.5 is surprisingly fast turning for its size, they are stable and easy with...
Gaastra Max 2010
bellissimo kite per fare salti, un pò tecnico ma potente, il primo anno di uso è stato una favola, il secondo anno ha comin...
Gaastra Jet 2013
I bought this 13m Jet to replace my previous ASV XR 11m. The kite flies well on 27m,25m,23m lines and drives upwind very well...
Liquid Force Envy 2014
The bar does "work" as stated in video but major flaws. Not being able to reach the swivel wile riding to unspin lines is bad...
Cabrinha Drifter 2015
7,9 2015's 8,11 2014's Had before the F-one 5 and 6 Bandit's but the Drifter is just all I need, ok for jumping stuff the...
Caution Spitfire 2013
The kite would Hindenburg in wind less than 13 mph. I would have to loop the kite just to keep it in the air. Once wind is...
Best Kahoona + V5 2013
Missed this kite. I purchased a Caution Spitfire rather than a Kahoona..Big mistake. Love the low end power these kites hav...
2008 Eclipse Thruster kite review
2009 version is better than 2008.
Liquid Force Envy 2015
So I had the chance to try these kites recently. Bottom line, they sucked! Slow and lack of power. Apparently there a huge im...
Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2019
Period: Apr 1 - Nov 1, 2019
Location: Zandvoort, Netherlands
16 kiteboarders will be challenged to show their biggest megaloops in the most extreme Dutch weather conditions, when the wind hits 30+ knots or more. Let'...
Kitesurfing Armada 2019
Period: Jun 21 - Dec 23, 2019
Location: Hayling Island, United Kingdom
The 2019 Kitesurfing Armada Festival will be held on the 21-23 June on Hayling Island. Join us for a fantastic weekend of kiting, live music, fundraising,...
Great Alabama 650 2019
Period: Sep 14 - Sep 23, 2019
Location: Alabama, United States
Test your strength, endurance, and mental fortitude in the toughest paddle race in the United States. This epic adventure takes racers along the core section...
Red Bull Tarifa 2 2019
Period: Sep 19 - Sep 22, 2019
Location: Tarifa, Spain
From September 19-22, 2019, Tarifa will be the center stage of the first epic battle between two rival wind sports. Up to 300 kitesurfers and windsurfers will...
Corinth Canal SUP Crossing 2019
Period: Sep 22 - Sep 22, 2019
Location: Corinth, Greece
The most fascinating SUP race of the year, the “Corinth Canal SUP Crossing” which will take place at the famous Canal of Corinth - Greece, is about...
Festikite 2019
Period: Sep 26 - Sep 29, 2019
Location: Villeneuve-les-Maguelone, France
Festikite will take place from September 26th to 29th 2019. What's Festikite? The event will take place on the Prevost Beach in Villeneuve-les-Maguelone. 3...
Clearwater Beach Classic 2019
Period: Sep 28 - Sep 29, 2019
Location: Clearwater, United States
The Clearwater Beach Classic paddle fest is a 2 day paddling event located in the heart of Clearwater Beach. The weekend of events will feature races, and...
The Cumberland River Challenge 2019
Period: Sep 28 - Sep 28, 2019
Location: Barbourville, United States
The Cumberland River Challenge Canoe, Kayak and Paddleboard Race hosted by Union College, U- Canoe and Barbourville Tourism is back again its fourth year. The...
KiteFoil World Series Cagliari 2019
Period: Oct 2 - Oct 6, 2019
Location: Cagliari, Italy
This is an Act of the 2019 KiteFoil GoldCup World Series - the World Championship series of the IKA KiteFoil Class. The event format is fleet racing on longer...