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SIC Maui Intros the 2019 Collection
Posted on: 10/17/2018
The new SIC Maui 2019 Collection offers some exciting new shapes and designs, breaking away from traditional SIC aesthetics. From a brand whose claim to fame has been...
Deury Corniel and Sofia Tomasoni Claim Gold at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games
Posted on: 10/16/2018
Deury Corniel and Sofia Tomasoni became the first ever kiteboarders to win gold medals at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Kiteboarding made a...
From Surfing to Business with Zane Schweitzer
Posted on: 10/15/2018
As a two-time Red Bull Ultimate Waterman champion and one of SUP’s biggest stars, Zane Schweitzer is no stranger to the mental and physical stress of being in the...
The Slingshot Windvoyager Adventure
Posted on: 10/15/2018
Wind Voyager presents a 7-Day adventure unlike any other. Join the Slingshot team on the 2019 Photo Shoot in the beautiful and stunning Grenadines, as they traverse the...
Cabrinha Presents: Freestyle
Posted on: 10/10/2018
Cabrinha just launched this slick edit from their recent Riders Academy in Sicily, the team scored amazing conditions every day and this video showcases what that spot...
Olivia Piana Joins Team Rogue-Boardworks
Posted on: 10/09/2018
At the start of September, French rider Olivia Piana said farewell to her then sponsor 425 Pro, thanking the brand and giving them her well wishes. Her unexpected...
APP Will be Official Sanctioning Body for PPG 2019 and Beyond
Posted on: 10/08/2018
October 7, 2018 - The Pacific Paddle Games are excited to announce the Association of Paddlesurf Professionals (APP) as their official sanctioning body for 2019 and...
Flysurfer Team in the Storm
Posted on: 10/08/2018
Fall has arrived, and the anxiety build up for some proper wind under kiteboarders was high, check out this short clip of FLYSURFER Kiteboarding riders Guy Bridge, Olly...
GKA Presents the 2019 Kite-Surf World Tour and Air Games Schedule
Posted on: 10/03/2018
The 2019 Kite-Surf World Tour (wave kitesurfing) and the Air Games (big air kiteboarding) calendars feature new event locations. The tour kicks off at Sal's Ponta...
Evasion Staring Patrice Chanzy
Posted on: 10/02/2018
Tahitian Patrice Chanzy, is a natural born Waterman; Swimming instructor, lifeguard with the Tahitian Water Patrol in Teahupoo Tahiti, surfer. And his latest adventure...
Surftech and prAna to Intro New Gear in 2019
Posted on: 10/01/2018
In 2018 Surftech and prAna collaborated to create the ultimate line of Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) boards, paddles, and for 2019 they’re back at it! Blending prAna's...
Red Sea Kite Voyage with the Cabrinha Crew
Posted on: 10/01/2018
The first Cabrinha Kite Voyage on the Red Sea, Egypt; A voyage that explores some of the most beautiful kite utopias around the Red Sea. Turquoise water, warm wind and...
Reo Stevens Joins Team Ozone
Posted on: 09/26/2018
Reo Stevens is undisputedly one of the most recognisable faces in the kitesurfing world. A native to Hawaii, Reo has been involved with the sport at a professional level...
Grey Duck Group to Launch Revolutionary SUP Touring Board
Posted on: 09/25/2018
The Grey Duck Group has announced the launch of the Quetico14, a revolutionary new touring SUP. The patent pending Quetico14, which comes standard with the Greyduck...
The 170 Mile Paddle Boarding Challenge along the Hudson River
Posted on: 09/24/2018
Environmental   activist Lizzie   Carr has become  the first person to   successfully paddleboard the navigable length of New York...
Exocet RS D2 Elite 2012
A fantastic board. faster than anything out there with the excepion of gybing vs all the competition. As I've seen other...
Eclipse Thruster 2010
Levitra Controindicazioni Understanding splendor can be extremely frustrating, but simply like everything else, it may also...
Fluid Ego V4 2013
Ревлимид (Леналидомид) дженерик lenmid 5 Cтоимость, цена, купить, отзывы,...
Core GTS 2012
The kite is awesome, however, I hate the depower of the bar.
Gaastra Pure 2013
god low end, 11m +70kg board 141 kiting from 10knt atomic pop and lift, fast turning, it is not 100% C-shape, more OpenC -...
RRD Hardcore Wave 2010
Daily updated sissy blog girls love older men crossdressers wearing girdles бюстгальтер для мужчин...
RRD Style V2 2013
Rrd style v2 138/41 board weight is heavy, nakedbody 2.4 kg. Other similar experiences?
Best Kahoona 2015
I ride waves, flat water, and snow. I have owned many Kahoona's over the years and this 2015 version has some good improvemen...
Liquid Force Solo 2015
I have the 12, it feels very light and responsive in the air, it has the power of a 13-14m kite, but also depowers to the ran...
Exocet I-Style II 2010
Perth is one of the most interesting and picturesque places and what better way to explore this amazing City then from a...
Liquid Force Envy 2011
I just wanted to add on the comment "not built as good as other brands, as Cabrinha". 2016 I'm still riding these kits. I did...
Shinn Monk Forever 2013
Pros: comfy,fast,soft,loose,forgiving,lightweight, freeride and entry freestyle board, saving ankles and knees from braces....
Ozone C4 2011
This is really a perfect kite! Very good for high jumps and big tricks. It is easy to use. Nice lay-out!
Liquid Force Edge 2011
Good entry level board (136cm for my 80kg). Feels stable and safe as well in choppy conditions. Though not the best upwind...
Cabrinha Switchblade 2015
Check new ones here...
Cabrinha Switchblade 2015
Only newer one would do much better ;)
PaddleSplash Almeida 2018
Period: Oct 19 - Oct 21, 2018
Location: Almeida, United States
The PaddleSplashTM is a series of races produced by Nor Cal SUP Groms & Mike’s Paddle for Stand Up Paddle Boarders of all ages, sizes, and abilities...
Martha’s Vineyard
Period: Oct 22 - Nov 4, 2018
Location: Martha’s Vineyard, United States
A speed sailing regatta on 500meter and 250meter courses. Martha’s Vineyard USA. Sponsored by Lynch Associates and The Black Dog. $25,000 purse. The...
Sand and Sea Festival Huskisson 2018
Period: Oct 26 - Oct 28, 2018
Location: Huskisoon, Australia
Sand and Sea festival is a three day beach festival for all ages and abilities. With technical water based events and plenty to watch, be entertained by, chill...
Englewood Beach PaddleFest 2018
Period: Nov 10 - Nov 11, 2018
Location: Manasota Key, United States
We are super excited to be back at Englewood Beach for 2018 and hope you will join us again for our 4th annual weekend of FUN! This means beach games,...
Nish-Pombo Paddle Fest Miami 2018
Period: Nov 10 - Nov 12, 2018
Location: Key Biscayne, United States
Join us in honoring the lives of Mike Nishihara and Andres Pombo at the annual Nish race, now in its 17th Year ( 2nd year of Nish Pombo). Race is a 5 day event...
Babcock Ranch Paddle Battle 2018
Period: Nov 17 - Nov 17, 2018
Location: Funta Gorda, United States
Come join us for the 1st Babcock Ranch Paddle Battle. Participants will compete in a 3 mile or 6 mile race on Lake Babcock. Paddlers of all skills are welcome...
Suncoast Kingfish Classic 2018
Period: Nov 17 - Nov 17, 2018
Location: Treasure Island, United States
The Suncoast Kingfish Classic is adding a paddle poker run and a paddle drag race to the weekend festivities. Come join your friends for a fun, social paddle...
Merimbula Classic 2018
Period: Nov 22 - Nov 25, 2018
Location: Merimbula BEach, NSW, Australia
The event will be held from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th November. The theme is "Staying Alive" and we will be expecting multiple John Travolta's...
KiteFoil World Series Final 2018
Period: Dec 4 - Dec 8, 2018
Location: Al Mouj Beach, Oman
This is the final of the 2018 KiteFoil GoldCup World Series - the World Championship series of the KiteFoil Class. The winner of the KiteFoil GoldCup World...