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Caesarea, Israel

Caesarea, Israel
Region: Middle East
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Caesarea is located on the Israeli Mediterranean coast, on the outskirts and ruins of Caesarea Maritima, an ancient port city built by Herod the Great. Caesarea is located between Tel Aviv (the second most populous city in Israel) and Haifa (the largest city in northern Israel, and the third-largest city in the country); it is 45km away from Tel Aviv and 45km away from Haifa as well.

Some people know Caesarea for being home to the only 18 hole golf course in Israel. Others know it for being a good place to have fun kiteboarding/windsurfing session. We fall in the later category, the category of people who think of Caesarea as a kiteboarding destination.

Should you decide to go to Caesarea to get your kiteboarding/windsurfing fix, here are the main bits and pieces you need to know about:

The best months to go to Caesarea for wind are March, April, May, June, September, October and November. The wind blows from the N and SW (side onshore) at speeds between Force 3 and Force 4. The wind blows in the afternoon.

The water conditions at Caesarea are suitable for riders of all levels, from the novice who is just now picking up the basics up to the experienced rider who just wants to have a bit of fun. Speaking of fun, it must be mentioned that Caesarea is the perfect spot for wave, speed and freestyle riding. And keeping with the fun theme we’ve got going on here, you must pay attention to the dangers if you want to have fun. The dangers in Caesarea are the jelly fish (appear during the summer) and the reef.

Other useful information
Caesarea has the following facilities to offer: launch area, gear rental, rescue, toilets, showers, food, shop, accommodation, and parking.

Fun facts: Caesarea is the only locality in Israel managed by a private organization (the Caesarea Development Corporation) and the only place in Israel where you can find a full size golf course (the Caesarea Golf & Country Club). The Baron de Rothschild maintains a home in Caesarea, and so do many business tycoons from Israel and abroad.

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