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Cannon Rocks, South Africa

Cannon Rocks, South Africa
Region: Africa
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The small seaside town of Cannon Rocks, located in the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa, 135 km to the east of Port Elizabeth and 180 km west of East London, is named after two cannons of historical importance. Besidies having an awesome-sounding name, this town has something else going in its favor – it is a great traveling destination for windsurfing and/or kiteboarding enthusiasts.

Should you decide to go to Cannon Rocks to get your windsurfing/kiteboarding fix, here are the main details you need to know about this destination:

The best months to go to Cannon Rocks for wind are from August until December. These are the best months to go to Cannon Rocks, with an emphasis on “best”. January, February, June and July are good months to go to Cannon Rocks – not best, but good.

The wind in Cannon Rocks blows from the E, SE, SW, and W. It can reach Force 6.

Fun fact – statistically speaking, Cannon Rocks is one of the windiest places in South Africa.

The water conditions are suitable for riders of all levels, from the novice up to the expert rider. Freestyle, wave, speed, bump & jump, you will get all these at Cannon Rocks.

The average temperature from June until September is of about 16°C, so you will definitely need a wetsuit.
The average temperature from October until April is of about 27°C, which means you will not need a wetsuit.

There are no beach rules at Cannon Rocks.

Other useful information
Cannon Rocks is not very crowded, which is nice. Pro windsurfers discovered this spot years ago. Cannon Rocks was once named one of the top 10 windsurfing spots in the world.

The well-known town of Kenton-on-Sea is some 15 minutes away while Port Alfred is some 30 minutes away. 

Other outdoor activities
You can go horseback riding, fishing, game viewing, hiking, bird watching, canoeing, scuba diving, or sand boarding.

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