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Haines, Alaska

Haines, Alaska
Region: North America
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Located in the state of Alaska, the good old US of A, Haines Borough is a home rule borough that has a total area of 2,726 square miles (7,060.3 square km), out of which 382 square miles (989.4 square km) is water. According to the latest statistics we could get our hands on, some 2,300 people call Haines home; we like to call it a nice kiteboarding destination.

Here are the main details you need to know about Haines should you decide to go to this destination:

There are two places you can kiteboard in Haines. The spot near the airport (access is through the Valley of the Eagles golf course) is a winter spot, from November through April. The spot near Pyramid Island is a summer spot from April to October. This place gets 20 knots winds, but the currents are pretty strong.

The winds blow from the E, SE, S, and SW; they can reach Force 6. The best wind direction is SE, S and SW.

You can ride small waves, less than 1m high.
The launch spot is where the fjord meets the Chilkat River. There’s sand and rocks on the bottom.
The water, I don’t think I have to remind you, is cold.

Other useful information
Fun fact: the Chilkat River was named by the Russians for the Chilkat group of Tlingit who lived in the region. The word “chilkat” means “salmon storehouse.”

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