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Ile aux Cerfs, Mauritius

Ile aux Cerfs, Mauritius
Region: Africa
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Île aux Cerfs is an island located next to another island; some may even say it’s an island on an island. To be more precise, the island of Île aux Cerfs (“Île” is French for Island you know) is located on the eastern coast of Mauritius, which in turn is an island in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean, off the southeast coast of Africa, some 900km east of Madagascar.

There are several things that make Île aux Cerfs a nice traveling destination: it has a five star hotel, it has a properly good golf course (called Le Touessrok), it has great weather, and it has very beautiful beaches. There’s one more reason why you would want to go to Île aux Cerfs – to enjoy a bit of kiteboarding. Should you do that – decide to go to Île aux Cerfs to get your kiteboarding fix I mean – here are the main details you need to know about:

The best months to go to Île aux Cerfs for wind are June, July, August and September. The following months cannot be classified as the best, but they can prove to be pretty good nonetheless: April, May, October and November.

Trade winds blow here from the S and SE (side onshore) at 15 to 25 knots.

You get flat water, chop, speed spots, and swell. The big lagoon will satisfy pretty much all your riding desires.

The water conditions are suitable for intermediate and expert riders. That’s because there are too many hazards to consider it safe for the novice rider: strong currents, urchins, rocks, the coral reef and other submerged hazards, swimmers, and fishing boats.

From April until November the water temperature varies between 22°C and 26°C while the air temperature varies between 22°C and 30°C. This means you will not need a wetsuit.

Other useful information
Other activities you may enjoy: SUP, scuba diving, snorkeling, playing golf, wakeboarding. You will have to leave the island to enjoy these activities though. You will also have to leave Île aux Cerfs if the nightlife is what you are looking for.
Obey the rules and don’t mess things up for other riders. Île aux Cerfs is a very popular tourist destination and it is exploited as such. Mind your behavior and don’t get in trouble.

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