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Malindi, Kenya

Malindi, Kenya
Region: Africa
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Malindi, a town on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, at the mouth of the Galana River, some 120km NE of Mombasa (the second largest city in Kenya), is one of Kenya’s major tourist destinations. Italian tourists in particular seem to find Malindi quite attractive.

What we like about Malindi is that it is a nice spot to have a fun kiteboarding session in Kenya. Here are the main details you need to know about Malindi, should you pick this destination to get your kiteboarding fix:

The best months to go to Malindi for wind are January, February, March, August, September, November and December. The following months cannot be classified as the best, but they can prove to be pretty good nonetheless: March, April, July, and October.

The wind blows from the N and S (side shore), at speeds that vary from Force 4 up to Force 7. From December until about April the “Kaskazi” wind blows from the N. From June until the end of September the “Kusi” wind starts to blow from the S.

The wind picks up speed throughout the day. In the morning the wind speed is of about 10 knots – which is great for novice riders. By afternoon the wind speed can go up to 15-20 knots.

The water conditions are suitable for riders of all levels, from the novice who is just now picking up the basics up to the expert who wants to have a bit of fun. Speaking of fun, the conditions here are excellent for freestyle and waveriding. At low tide there are 3m-high waves.

Since Malindi is near the equator, the air and water temperature is high all year round. It doesn’t get to high tough thanks to the Indian Ocean’s cool breezes. To sum it up, it’s warm all year round.

Other useful information
Malindi Bay is a beautiful 5km-long bay right in Malindi city. The beaches are wide and there are no crowds to worry about, which is great for kiteboarding. 
The following facilities are available: launch area, toilets, showers, food, shop, accommodation, parking.
At nigh you can entertain yourself at the casinos or discos.

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