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Manga Be, Nosy Be, Madagascar

Manga Be, Nosy Be, Madagascar
Region: Africa
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Located on the northeastern coast of Nosy Be, Manga Be is one of the several places on the island where you can enjoy a spot of kiteboarding. Located on the northwestern part of Madagascar, about 8 kilometers from the coast of Madagascar in the Mozambique Channel, Noise Be is a 312 square kilometers island with a population of more than thirty-six thousand people; Noise Be is in fact Madagascar’s largest and busiest tourist resort. Located in the Indian Ocean, off the southeastern coast of Africa, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world.

Should you pick Nosy Be, and Manga Be in particular, to get your kiteboarding fix, here are the main details you need to know about this location:

The best months to go to Nosy Be for wind are May, June, July, August, September, October and November.
The thermal winds here blow from the N and NW (on shore, side onshore, side shore) at speeds that range from Force 3 up to Force 6. The wind blows in the afternoon. 

This is a very safe spot. It is ideal for novice riders who are just now picking up the basics of kiteboarding. Advanced and experienced riders will appreciate that the conditions here are ideally suited for speed and freestyle riding.

Other useful information
The following facilities are available: school, launch area, gear rental, toilets, showers, food, parking.
Other activities you may enjoy: sailing, scuba diving, bicycling, fishing.
You have to respect the IKO kiteboarding rules.

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