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Margarita Island, Venezuela

Margarita Island, Venezuela
Region: South America
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At 1020 square kilometers (394 square miles), Margarita Island is the largest island of the Nueva Esparta state in Venezuela. The island is located in the Caribbean Sea, off the northeastern coast of Venezuela; and in case you did not know this, Venezuela is located on the northern coast of South America.

According to the latest statistics we could get our hands on, about 437,000 people call Margarita Island home. What do we call Margarita Island? We call it a great windsurfing/kitesurfing location – for the following reasons:

  • Accommodation, gear rental, windsurfing instruction and transportation should set you back about £1500 for a 2-week vacation. It should be mentioned here that lodging is available at El Yaque Beach Hotel, Coche Speed Paradise Hotel, Windsurf Paradise, Hotel California, Hotel Atti, Hotel Casa Rita.
  • The best months to go to Margarita Island are January, February and March (March is actually the best month for wind). You can also go to Margarita Island in December, but if you do so you will find the wind is a bit on the light side. The winds reach their peak between 3 and 5.30 in the afternoon and blow from left to right (as standing on the beach, looking out to sea). The wind speeds range from Force 3 to Force 6.
  • The climate is very sunny and dry with temperatures from 24 to 37°C.
  • Along the 106 miles long coastline you will find at least 50 astonishing beaches.

When you’re done kiteboarding/windsurfing, there are a few other things you can do. You could go surfing, diving and snorkeling, quad biking, and horse riding. You could go to Club Margarita and see what event they have planned for the night (the club organizes all sorts of events). You could have a bite to eat; there are plenty of restaurants to choose from and they are pretty cheap.

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