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Moulay Bouzerktoun, Morroco

Moulay Bouzerktoun, Morroco
Region: Africa
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As the old saying goes, great things come in small packages. Going by that line of reasoning, then the small village of Moulay Bouzerktoun, near Essaouira, is the cat’s meow. I don’t know anything about cats, but I do know one thing – Essaouira (which is known as 'the windy city') and Moulay Bouzerktoun are both top windsurfing destinations.

Should you decide to go to Essaouira to windsurfing, the bits and pieces you need to know about are available in another article - this one. Should you decide to go to Moulay Bouzerktoun to windsurfing, below are the bits and pieces you need to know about:

The wind in Moulay Bouzerktoun is a thermal wind that blows from the right (starboard tack) at an average speed of Force 6. The wind picks up speed as the day progresses. It starts at about 10 in the morning and increases in strength throughout the day.

The best months to go to Moulay Bouzerktoun for wind are between June until September. If you have a choice, go to Moulay Bouzerktoun in June of July as these are the windiest months.

The best time to go Moulay Bouzerktoun for swell is in the winter. The downside is that the wind is less reliable in the winter as it is generated by storms. The wind in the winter blows from the SW (cross-on port tack).

As mentioned above, summer is the best time to go to Moulay Bouzerktoun for wind. During the summer you get small waves and chop; you can also get boom-height waves if the conditions are right.

Make sure to pack a summer wetsuit as you will need one. The water isn’t that warm, not even in the summer.

Other useful information
You can get windsurfing instruction and rent gear from the club Mistral of Magic Fun Afrika windsurfing centers in Essaouira, which is not far away. Moulay Bouzerktoun has no gear hire or instruction.

Moulay Bouzerktoun doesn’t have much to offer as far as accommodation goes. Nearby Essaouira on the other hand has a huge variety of accommodation. Essaouira also has a huge variety of restaurants; Moulay Bouzerktoun doesn’t.

Since Morocco is a Muslim country, alcohol is hard to come by. Very few restaurants in Essaouira offer alcohol, but don’t have very good food. Your best bet is to get as much alcohol as you need from the duty-free, on your way to Moulay Bouzerktoun, as you will be hard pressed to find alcohol once you do get here.

Other outdoor activities
If you want to do something other than windsurfing, go to Essaouira and enjoy some shopping (there are some interesting markets in Essaouira), go camel and horseback riding, do a bit of surfing, or go sightseeing (the African culture is quite interesting).

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