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Palekastro, Crete

Palekastro, Crete
Region: Europe
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The small village of Palekastro is located in the middle of Kouremenos Bay, on the eastern edge of Crete. Crete is the fifth largest Mediterranean island and the largest and most populous of the Greek islands. According to the latest statistics we could get our hands on, close to 1400 people call Palekastro home. Know what countless others call Palekastro? They call it a great windsurfing destination.

Here are the main bits and pieces you need to know about Palekastro should you decide to go there to windsurf:

The best months to go to Palekastro for wind are May, June, July, August, September and October.
The Meltemi wind in Palekastro blows side shore from the left at an average speed of Force 6. That’s on average; the wind speed can vary from Force 4 to Force 7. The wind dies down at about 5PM.

The Meltemi gains power through a local thermal and a funneling effect; it thus gains an additional Force 2. This makes Kouremenos Beach the place to be for passionate windsurfers.

In Palekastro you have flat water near the show and choppy waves further out.
There’s a tide, but you will hardly notice it.

The climate in Crete is mainly temperate (Crete straddles two climatic zones, the Mediterranean and the North African). During the summer in Crete the temperatures can exceed 30°C

The average temperature in Palekastro in May is of 20°C while in August it is of 30°C. Because the temperature is pretty high, most windsurfers wear a rash vest and shorts.

Other useful information
Palekastro is a place that has something to offer to windsurfers of every level, from the novice who is just now picking up the basics up to the expert who wants to have a bit of fun.

You can rent gear, store gear, and get windsurfing instruction at the Freak Surf Station. The windsurfing center opens in May and closes by the end of October.

You should not have any problems communicating with the locals. Even though Palekastro is a Greek town, everyone speaks English.

Palekastro is a genuine, authentic Greek village that has not been spoilt/discovered by mass tourism. It offers the accommodation and food specific of a Greek village. A word of warning for would-be campers: camping is illegal in Greece. It is true that it has been tolerated in the past, but if you decide to camp, you’re doing it at your own risk. There are plenty of affordable accommodations to choose from though, so you shouldn’t push your luck by camping.

Eating out is cheaper than eating in.

Other outdoor activities
If you want to take a break from windsurfing, you can go sightseeing or you can go mountain biking.

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