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San Juan Bay, Montague Island, Alaska

San Juan Bay, Montague Island, Alaska
Region: North America
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Montague Island is a 790.88 square kilometers island located in the Gulf of Alaska. Out of all the islands that belong to the good old US of A, Montague Island is the 26th largest one. If the 26th spot is not impressive, here’s a more impressive position – Montague Island does not have a permanent resident population, which means it is the largest uninhabited island in the US.

On the western part of the Montague Island there’s San Juan Bay, a place where you can enjoy a bit of kiteboarding. Here are the main details you need to know about San Juan Bay, from a kiteboarding point of view of course:

The best months to go to San Juan Bay for wind are August, September, October and November. The following months cannot be classified as the best, but they can prove to be pretty good nonetheless: April, May, June, and July.

The dominant winds are from the NW. The best wind directions for kiteboarding are N, NE, and NW.

Waveriding enthusiasts will be glad to know that the waves here can get 2m-high.

The water conditions are suitable for intermediate, advanced and expert riders. Not really suited for novice riders.

There are no specific rules you have to obey.

The water, I don’t think I need to tell you, is pretty cold. You will need a wetsuit.

Other useful information
There’s a cabin if you want to stay overnight.
Montague Island is a well-known sports fishing spot. Sports fishermen call Montague Island “The Land of the Giants”, referring to the fact that there are big fish to be caught here. Just to put things in perspective a 350lb halibut was caught here back in 2007.

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