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2008 Liquid Force Havoc kite review

Liquid Force Havoc 2008

Reviewed on Feb 22nd 2011 by Bonzai
User Overall Rating 4.0 out of 5

Sizes used: 10m
Out of the bag, the 2008 Liquid Force Havoc impresses with the high quality fabrics from which it is manufactured. I am looking at a 2008 kite model, which is not new. Actually it had many long rides over the last few years and it is in one piece. And much more, it doesn’t have a scratch on it. In the air, not a single piece of the body flutters or feels unsecured. It goes pretty nice upwind, and the depower really impresses. It is also stable and fast turning, perhaps a bit too fast, but it does not feel uncomfortable. The bar has a nice and comfortable grip and the integrated cleat helps you depower the kite in no time. If you are not in the window it may be a little difficult to relaunch it, but it can be done with some input.