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Great all rounder

Flexifoil Ion

Flexifoil Ion 2010

Reviewed on Feb 21st 2011 by Mercer
User Overall Rating 4.3 out of 5

Sizes used: 7m, 10.5m
You just have to love the Flexifoil Ion. I took it out for a ride and couldn’t find any flaws for this model. Out off the bag it may seem a little difficult to set up, but once you get to it you find out that is really simple. Out on the waves the kite gives you just what you need. You need low end power, it gives you that, you need fast turns you have them, you need stability, you get it. Both the 7 and the 10.5 meters models are reliable and easy to steer in wide wind ranges and not a single piece of the canopy flutters. It comes as a whole package with the All in One bar which is simple and efficient.