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Ruben Lenten Chasing Storms on the North Sea
Posted on: 03/20/2019
We never get a dull moment from Ruben Lenten. Watch this epic edit as Ruben chases a storm on the North Sea! A quick word from Ruben: “Ride hard and fly...
Naish Intros the New Triad
Posted on: 03/18/2019
Instinctive Control, Intuitive riding, the Triad is the right kite for 99% of the population. Its easy to use platform is designed to allow you to progress...
The Simpsons Go Kitesurfing
Posted on: 03/13/2019
Created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company, The Simpsons is one of the most beloved shows of all time. Actually one can love it or hate it, but...
Mystic Intros the 2019 Spring/Summer Collection
Posted on: 03/11/2019
The embodiment of action water sports, breaking boundaries along our way, backing their elite athletes that set off a storm! Mystic just dropped their Spring/...
Big Wind and Big Wave Action with Karolina Winkowska
Posted on: 03/06/2019
Karolina Winkowska just dropped her latest vlog from Eastern Australia, and in this episode, she shares her kiteboarding experience during Cyclone Oma....