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North Presents Strapless Evolution
Posted on: 03/27/2017
Have you wondered how strapless kitesurfing became such a popular discipline? Strapless kitesurfing means freedom to race, jump, and ride waves, but it is no...
Tom Court Is Back on the Water
Posted on: 03/22/2017
After being at home for so long, resting from surgery and dreaming about kitesurfing, Tom Court finally got back on the water! Check out his short clip shot in...
ION Presents Surfing Elements Chapter III
Posted on: 03/20/2017
Forces of nature form the playgrounds that challenge the members of ION’s international surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, stand-up...
Kiteboard Hero Available on iOS and Android
Posted on: 03/15/2017
The game was developed by Core Kites and Mind Pump Games and promises to deliver the real feel of riding a kite. With 3D graphics and realistic physics "...
The Scent of Life Starring Tom Court
Posted on: 03/13/2017
The Scent of Life is one of the newest kiteboarding series, presenting the evolution of great athletes. The Series id brought to you by Giorgio Armani Acqua di...