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Brunotti Classic Accessories Set

Brunotti Classic Accessories Set


The Brunotti Classic Accessories Set is the perfect choice for a perfect ride. It includes High Performance pads and straps, a new developed ergonomic comfort handle and four 5cm G-10 fins. Attached to your Board, these accessories will keep your board on track and provide a comfortable drive even in the most challenging conditions.

Maximum comfort and perfect suspension is provided by new baseplate and footpad. The footpad features damping sections in the mid-foot area and underneath the heels to assure dynamic damping and keep the rider in control at all times. The pad reacts quickly to impacts, absorbing shocks with ease. Open sections in the baseplate also allow the rider be in direct control and enhance dampening.

The adjustable straps are very comfortable and keep the feet well cushioned and locked in and are also adjustable in three ways to provide the rider with the perfect fit. At the same time, the special shaped pad provides perfect traction.

The handle is ergonomically shaped and allows you to perform cool grabs and carry your board with ease.

Brunotti Classic Accessories Set Reviewed on May 15th 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

pads, straps, fins and handle. everything you need for your board. the fins are great quality and look cool. pads are soft and grippy. the straps are easy adjustable and give you a cool locked in feel. i haven't mounted the handle....more