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Dynabar V6 2011

Dynabar V6 2011


The safe practice of kiteboaridng requires reliable gear. One of the most innovative accessories which can help you enjoy safely a nice kiteboarding thrill is the 2011 Dynabar V6. Dynabar is a reliable spreader bar with sliding hook, intended to improve the riding experience of all riders out there. It suits advanced and beginner riders alike and it is compatible with snowkiting, waveriding, freeride, racing and any other kite related disciplines. It can also be used for windsurfing and sailing.

The Dynabar provides almost total body movement freedom and can help you go upwind or bodydrag with ease. The Dynabar V6 has three sliding options: freeride, wave and snowkiting. It is easy to adjust to suit any of these styles by simply replacing the central sliding support. It can be used with any type of harness. For freeride and wave the sliding hook is set in toe side position and assures excellent movement freedom. If you love to perform unhooked moves the hook is set to the park position. The hook can rotate in any position without moving the bar or harness and assures superior ride comfort. When the Dynabar is used for snowkiting the hook can be set in toe side position for snowboards and normal position for skis.

The Dynabar uses the Donkey Dick normally and gives you the option to insert the hook’s rods inside. The Dynabar is built to last. It is comfortable and significantly improves overall riding experience.

Take a look at the Dynabar V6 Promo video and Product Maintenance video to see how this spreader bar works.

Dynabar V6 2011 Reviewed on Jan 25th 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

i had no such problems with mine. it's smart and comfortable. fits very well on my seat harness. makes my sessions much enjoyable.

Dynabar V6 2011 Reviewed on Nov 15th 2012
Rating: 2.0 out of 5

performance is ok, it works ok. quality is poor. after 4 months of intensive use, pieces snapped and it started to wear. welding is poor. however, the guys at jay store sent a replace  frame (snapped) pretty quickly....more

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