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Gath RV

Gath RV


The Gath RV (Retractable Visor) seems to have emerged from a science fiction movie. It has a unique ergonomic shape and features a full face visor protection. The visor is constructed on a Shatter Proof technology and not only that is unbreakable, but it protects the rider from water and UV light as well.

The soft inner liner assures optimal comfort, while the exterior shell is nuke proof and it can resist at the hardest impact. The visor is crystal clear, scratch proof, and does not block the sight in any way.

The Gath RV features vented ear protection to assure total safety and it uses an adjustable chin strap to assure a perfect fit. The helmet is available in multiple color styles and sizes, so it can fit any rider. This helmet is great not only for windsurfing, but for any other related water sport.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL