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ION Ballistic Toes 2013

ION Ballistic Toes 2013


The Ballistic Toes are designed by ION for the rider who shreds in waters that present a potential danger for the feet or in cold waters. They are designed to offer comfort and protection and built using top quality fabrics. ION has used only top quality fabrics to craft them. S-Type Neoprene is used to provide a super flex fit, Cyber Stretch fabrics to assure elasticity, and D-fence Nylon to provide a robust structure with optimal stretch proprieties.

The Ballistic Toes fit the feet in a natural way. They provide a barefoot feel and are not restrictive at all. They are sanitized treated so they are bacteria repellent and have no odor or mildew. They feature a Airprene hole system for a faster water release. The Aramid structure provides excellent protection against sharp mussels, coral reef and other sharp objects.

An anti-slip rubber system assures a good grip and a natural feel. The external split toe provides a superior control and enhances the freedom of movement.

Sizing: 36/5, 37/6, 38–39/7, 40–41/8, 42/9, 43–44/10, 45–46/11 and 47–48/12.