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Ion Rival 2013

Ion Rival 2013


With the ION Rival waist harness you can be sure that you will enjoy a perfect kiteboarding session. It provides perfect support and comfort, no matter what style you like or what skill you have. It is designed to fit you perfectly and boost you performance and confidence.

The Rival is built using a special Contour Shape 2.0 design, based on a new shape technique which provides a perfect fit to the upper and lower part of the back with the help of different segmented shaped areas in the harness body. The harness fits the natural shape of the body like a glove and accommodates it perfectly.

Neoprene fabric has been used in the interior and exterior areas, to assure a light weight. The Neoprene inside construction allows the harness to twist around the body following your moves naturally. A special anti ride up profile imprinted on the interior keep sit from riding up.

The wrap tec technology assures that the rival wraps around your body automatically and fits perfectly. A flexible and soft waist bets keeps it secured. The Rival assures great support even under high loads. It is equipped with kite knife, push button spreader bar, belt garage, protection pad and handle pass leash slider.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL.

In this video you can see the 2013 ION harnesses and wetsuits presented at Surf Expo.

Ion Rival 2013 Reviewed on Jul 14th 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

+ medium support, anatomic cut, easy to put on and take off, soft, flexible - rides up if it is not strapped tight, occasional pressure points if not strapped right