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Liquid Force Bliss Harness 2013

Liquid Force Bliss Harness 2013


The new Liquid Force Bliss is a waist harness designed especially for the ladies. As the guys at Liquid Force say, girls are built different than boys. And that’s why the Bliss is built different, built to suit a thinner waist, built to offer increased support and comfort.

The Bliss harness uses a curvier and smaller outline, as well as an optimized lower lumbar pad in order to best suit the needs of women kitesurfers. The higher curve profile is optimized to fit the contours, curves and hips of girls and offer superior support.

A smaller spreader bar is used to assure a comfortable ride. A spreader bar quick clip allows rapid entry and removal of the harness. The spreader bar stabilizer is more compact is order to permit effortless use. The simple and efficient strap geometry allows the rider tighten the spreader bar without any effort, with one hand, at any time. The integrated pre-curved ergonomic spreader bar pad assures exceptional support and comfort during the ride.

The Bliss features a diamond quilted neoprene body wrap line which does not permit twists in the harness in order to provide perfect support. The Bliss is designed using a Controlled Flex technology which allows the pressures from the pull of the spreader bar disperse through the entire harness to increase comfort and performance.