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Liquid Force Luxury Combo 2013

Liquid Force Luxury Combo 2013


If you need the ultimate protection and support each time you ride, you need the Liquid Force Luxury Combo. This piece of gear provides the safety of a floatation impact vest combined with the support and comfort of the Luxury harness.

There are not many pieces of equipment out there that can match the performance and comfort offered by the Luxury Combo. The guys at Liquid Force have done a great job mixing the features of two very useful pieces of equipment into one design. This one piece accessory provides support and power management over the kite through the harness part and floatation and protection from injury in the case of a crash.

The Luxury Combo incorporates the Liquid Force proven technology in order to offer you performance and comfort. It features an EVA Body Wrap Line plus the Luxury line extra padding in order to assure superior comfort and support.

The vest piece comes with more floatation, support, and protection to keep you safe at all times. With the Liquid Force Luxury Combo you can ride hard, safe and with style.

Liquid Force Luxury Combo 2013 Reviewed on Apr 11th 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

good idea to blend a harness with a vest. i saw this combo at a demo, but haven't tried it. there was only one pair and everyone was onto it. it looks very cool and seems to be top notch.

Liquid Force Luxury Combo 2013 Reviewed on May 11th 2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

i bought it. it is the perfect combo for beginners and not only. It wraps around you comfortable and feels all cozy. surprisingly, it is very flexible and doesn't compromise freedom. back and lumbar support are great. the vest has good floatatio...more