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Liquid Force Profile Harness 2013

Liquid Force Profile Harness 2013


The Liquid Force Profile Waist Harness is designed to make kiting accessible to anyone. It is an all terrain harness, which can be used by any rider on land, snow or water, regardless of his or her skills. The Profile is comfortable and provides superior support and safety. It is the kind of harness that you can rely on and will never leave you unhooked when you don’t want to.

The Profile is a comfortable harness, yet the design is focused more on support and freedom of movement than on comfort. However, it still fits the body like a glove. As the guys at Liquid Force say, it is a harness that will augment your kite session without putting a dent in your bank account.

The Profile features a quilted neoprene body wrap liner which does not allow for any twists in the harness when riding. This increases support for a better ride. Comfort and support are augmented by the use of an interrelated pre-curved ergonomic spreader bar pad.

Tightening the spreader bar is extremely easy and can be done with one hand even when riding. This is possible due to the use of simple and efficient strap geometry. The Liquid Force Profile Harness is available in S, M, L and XL sizes.

You can check a short comparison between the LF Profile and Dakine Chameleon harness here.

Liquid Force Profile Harness 2013 Reviewed on May 5th 2013
Rating: 3.0 out of 5

it's simple to use, easy to fasten and feels right. the profile is well padded, comfortable and has an integrated spreader bar. it provides a good support, but has a few minuses. there's no quick release and the hook is not that rigidly fixe...more