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Liquid Force Styler 2013

Liquid Force Styler 2013


The Styler mixes the style of a cool pair of boardshorts with the efficient support of a high performance harness. The guys at Liquid Force have managed to combined style and function into the ultimate, easy-to-use kiteboarding accessory: the Styler boardshort seat harness.

The Styler boardshort harness looks cool and feels right. That is because it incorporates Liquid Force harness technology to offer you comfort, support and safety during all your rides. The Styler features a smooth interior lining which keeps you comfortable and prevents rashes. At the same time, another thicker neoprene liner protects you from harnesses chafe.

The Styler fits your body like a glove and an internal leg loop prevents it from riding up and offers support to drive power through the board. When riding with the Styler you feel safe, supported and comfortable. And this is what an efficient seat harness is supposed to be all about. The Styler adds some extra style to spice up the ride.

You can check out the Styler short presentation at Surf Expo in this video.

Liquid Force Styler 2013 Reviewed on Apr 13th 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

the name is perfect. cool looking harness/boardshorts

Liquid Force Styler 2013 Reviewed on Jun 1st 2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

has hit the shops a while ago and i got one of these harnesses. it's not only cool, but also efficient. it wraps around the body really well and it's comfortable, all soft and everything. it's very easy to put it on and it adjusts in sec...more