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Mystic Kiteboarding Kitesurf Force

Mystic Kiteboarding Kitesurf Force


The Mystic Kiteboarding Kitesurf Force impact vest is constructed using the latest technology and the finest fabrics, to meet the highest quality and safety standards and to offer the ultimate protection against water impacts. The Force is created to be used with a waist harness, and provides protection to the entire torso. The segmented foam core structure and neoprene battle belt provide extra durability and absorb any shocks. The vest features an anatomical shape and fits perfectly the body of the rider. The larger arm holes allow the rider to experience an increased freedom of movement in case he needs to swim or perform a difficult trick.

The Trispan Neoprene lining assures that the vest has extra stretch capability and provides excellent comfort. The Mystic Kiteboarding Kitesurf Force impact vest is light, bomb proof and highly comfortable. Just what you need to avoid injuries.


Small: 89 - 94cms
Medium: 95-100cms
Large: 101-106cms
Extra Large: 107-112cms