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Mystic Star 2013

Mystic Star 2013


The Star is an entry level wetsuit, perfect for all water sports enthusiasts. It is designed to offer maximum protection from sun and water, as well as excellent comfort. It is an entry level suit, but it’s packed with lots of features and built using top quality fabrics and an advanced technology.

This wetsuit wraps around the body like a glove and feels very natural on the skin. It is also very flexible and does not interfere with the rider’s movement. It is crafted using a Glued Blind Stitched technology which makes it very durable and it is tear resistant. The suit is built from Lightweight Neoprene, a very flexible and light material, which assures easy wear and easy cleanup.

Diamond Kneepads and a Backup Shield provide a decent level of protection for the rider, in case he falls onto the surface of the water. The suit features a back zip which is very accessible and allows the rider to suit up easily and take off the suit in seconds.

A Double Neck Construction and Velcro Ankle Closures prevent the water from flowing into the suit at the neck and ankle levels, but without any choking sensations. The rider can carry his keys or other small stuff in the special key pocket.

The Mystic Star is available in XS, S, MS, M, MT, L, LT, XL, XLT, XXL and XXXL sizes.

You can see the 2013 Mystic men's wetsuits at Surf Expo here.