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Naish KL Pro 2013

Naish KL Pro 2013


The Naish KL Pro is the perfect waist harness for dedicated freestylers. It is the perfect support and comfort provider for aspiring, advanced or pro freestyle riders that need to perform amazing technical maneuvers with a superior freedom of movement. It is built using a 3D internal plate which provides perfect fit and secure support.

The wider back profile provides maximum load spread over the widest surface of your back, without restricting your movement in any way. The curved fit in the hip area assures superior lateral freedom of movement as well as a better lumbar support. Extra support, as well as an optimal waist tension is created by the Dual elastic abdominal belts.

The KL Pro offers a very ergonomic fit and superior safety due to the use of Thermo-formed pieces that provide extra padding and stiffness. All the internal and external pieces are bounded together to help spread the load throughout the entire harness.

The interior of the harness is crafted using soft neoprene and tricot for increased comfort. The soft rounded edges maximize comfort and protect the body from contact with hard surfaces. The Naish KL Pro is available in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes.

You can see the KL Pro harness in action in the Endless Wave clip by Naish.

Naish KL Pro 2013 Reviewed on May 22nd 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

fits perfectly and gives me total freedom. very comfortable and the spreader bar is just right. no loads on the back or waist, even when overpowered. it only tends to ride up a bit if i don't strap it well. the colors are cool too....more