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Nobile IFS Pro

Nobile IFS Pro


The Nobile IFS Pro is constructed using the latest technology and the finest fabrics to meet all the quality and safety standards and provide extra comfort and efficiency. The integrated footbed system is based on a moulded triple density pad. The layups are structured one above the other, from soft to hard to assure that the footbed absorbs any shock and keeps the foot steady in place. A toe strip assures optimal grip for your foot, while the vertical adjustment buckle system assures excellent fit for all feet sizes and shapes.

The pad and straps are built as a whole piece to assure easy and fast setup. The Nobile IFS Pro is built on a heat formed polyurethane molding technology to offer extra comfort, safety and efficiency. At the same time, this footbed system provides optimal pressure and load distribution on the board to maximize riding efficiency. Comfortable, reliable and efficient, the Nobile IFS Pro is the perfect footstrap choice for your board.

Sizes: Adjustable size