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Slingshot Dry-Lube

Slingshot Dry-Lube


The Slingshot Dry-Lube is created to enhance the performance of your kiteboarding gear. It is an easy to apply high-tech, high performance dry lubricant which makes everything run smoother.

It makes lines, rigging, and anything that moves on your setup run smoother, work more efficiently and last longer. As the moving parts are lubricated, they run smoother and friction which causes wear is eliminated. This way the life cycle of your gear is longer.

It is the only lubricant specifically designed for kiteboarding use available on the market. It looks like a translucent liquid and can sprayed or wiped on the moving parts of the gear and dries almost instantly. It is not like any other oils, silicone gels or waxes that attract dirt and make everything sticky.

The Slingshot Dry-Lube is dirt repellent and does not degrade any part of the gear. So, for instance, you can spray it onto your chicken loop and see how it acts. It will definitely decrease wear and the lubrication performance doesn’t wear off easily.

You can check out the Dry-Lube presentation in this video.