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Spleene Board Accessories 2013

Spleene Board Accessories 2013


The guys at Spleene have come up with the perfect accessories combo to complement your board. After all, there is no way a board will run at its maximum potential, if it is not equipped with the right straps, pads and fins.

The Spleene Straps are super comfortable and provide a solid lock in feel. They are manufactured with special memory foam which adapts perfectly to the shape of the feet to secure it and keep it comfortable. They feature a Velcro closure system which can accommodate any feet size and shape.

The Spleene pads are also manufactured with special memory foam which will adapt to your feet. They’re firm, but soft and attenuate shocks resulted from chop or hard landings. They provide a solid and comfortable support. They’re easy to mount and can be adjusted in various stance positions.

The Spleene fins are crafted from top quality G-10 fabric and come in 4cm, 4,7cm and 5,2cm sizes. The length of the base of all fins is 11,5cm.

There’s also the Spleene grab handle if you need to carry the board or perform easy board grabs. The handle is ergonomically shaped to fit the hands of the rider and is built using an aluminum core.