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Xenon Surf Fins 2013

Xenon Surf Fins 2013


The Xenon Surf Fins are designed to take each of your wave riding sessions to a new level. They enhance the board’s performance to give you all the confidence you need to ride harder and faster, feel stronger in surf, perform daring moves and conquer any wave.

The Xenon Surf Fins are crafted from top quality honeycomb and give you a smooth feel and optimized balance between drive, pivot and hold. They feature a stiff flex pattern and a refined profile which assure a solid drive and superior grip and tracking. Bases are FSC compatible.

The fins come in thruster and quad setups. The thruster set includes double foil center fin and two side single foil fins. Specs: Base – 112mm, Depth - 118mm, Sweep -33º.

The quad set includes 2 single foil front fins and 2 double foil rear fins. Specs: Base-112 / 92,
Depth-118 / 95. Sweep-33 / 33,2º. Both setups are highly efficient and reliable and improve kitesurfing performance in virtually any wave conditions.