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Zeeko Kite Pump 2011

Zeeko Kite Pump 2011


The Zeeko Kite Pump works perfectly with the Zeeko family of kites, but it can also be used with other kiteboarding and related products. As the guys at Zeeko say, it is an easy to use and reliable kiteboarding dedicated pup, which works great with other products too.

It is a high capacity pump, which provides fast inflation due to its optimal 2x2 liter volume. It has a dual action. It can be used to inflate or deflate the kite, due to its Inflation/Deflation action system. The kite has a high inflation capacity, but it is compact and easy to store and transport.

The Zeeko Kite Pump is build from top quality aluminum alloy which provides superior strength and assures a long life cycle. It comes with a pump leash which allows you connect it to the kite and inflate it without the need to grab it. The pumping handle is ergonomic and feels very comfortable in hands too.

The pump features multiple nozzles, which can be used to inflate and deflate various kites and related products very easy, with only a simple switch of the nozzle.