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2011 Riders and Their New Teams


As the 2011 kiteboarding season has started in full throttle, the world’s most talented riders were approached by the world’s famous brands in kiteboarding to join their teams. Nothing compares with the publicity and fame a podium place brings for the rider and his team. Winning the first place in a major competition proves the skills of the rider as well as the quality and performance of the gear he uses. Of course that the rider has major benefits too, from access to the most acclaimed competitions to financial support. It is a gain-gain scenario for both parties. The 2011 season has begun with some interesting partnerships.

Tom Herbert, the young talent from New Caledonia has chosen North. Tom is known as a skilled and aggressive rider. He loves extreme stunts, fast landings and insane speed. Last year, Tom won his first PKRA event in Australia, at the Gold Coast competition. We look forward to seeing Tom perform this season and we hope he starts it the same way he finished the last one.

Cabrinha has two brand new team additions for this season: Reo Stevens and Remi Meum. Remi comes from the frozen Norway and has proven to be one of the most stylish wakestyle snowkiters ever. Reo loves wave riding and has an impressive portfolio. Both of them love hardcore riding and are ready to take Cabrinha to the podium of any competition.

18 years old Luke MCGillewie is one of the most promising riders for this season. Roberto Ricci Designs has seen the enormous potential Luke displays and has immediately signed with him.

Last but not least, the famous Jesse Richman has signed with Naish. Jesse has an impressive evolution and is one of the most talented freestylers and wave riders today. He has secured the KPWT title a while ago and Naish team should be proud to have him.

We can’t wait to see all of these gifted riders perform for their new teams and show the public the real art of kiteboarding. The 2011 season will definitely be one of the most spectacular ones ever.