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Beware of Flying Your Kite in a Low Position

Low Kite

The BKSA (British Kitesurfing Association) together with have recently compiled a short set of safety tips for kiteboarders. Kitesurfing is a spectacular and captivating sport and sometimes riders tend to forget that other people use the beach and water too. One of the things that annoy other riders as well as other beach users is low flying.

When you ride with your kite low there is a chance to injure other people as well as yourself as well as damaging your or other’s kiteboarding gear. Take into consideration that kite lines can severely injure a person. Overflying beach users is one of the major causes of complains against kiteboarding. To avoid complaints make sure you don’t kite in a crowded area. If you prefer to fly your kite low, do it in a place where there is no chance of hurting someone or damaging your equipment.

If there are other kiters around make sure to follow a simple rule: When two riders are about to meet on the same course it is advised that the upwind rider should lift the kite higher, while the downwind one sets it lower. At the same time, signal by raising or lowering your kite if you go upwind or downwind earlier. The rider moving out from the beach or riding with the right arm forward has priority.

Other safety tips:
- Check weather forecasts before riding
- Respect local rules and regulations
- Make sure you are aware of local hazards
- Don’t ride in conditions which outmatch your skills
- Respect other beach users