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Board Retrieving Techniques

Board Retrieving Techniques

There are times when the board slips off your feet or a trick goes wrong and you lose the board. To continue riding you must get it back. A good way to retrieve the board is to body drag upwind to get it back.

Hold the kite on one side powered up at a medium level. Hold your front hand in an extended position under the water and straighten the body in the direction you want to go. Use one hand to steer the kite and make sure you keep your head out of the water.

This way you will body drag upwind and reach the board. Don’t worry if you pass it a few times, because you will retrieve it without problems. The board has a tendency to drift downwind and it will help you reach it faster.

When you need to change the direction in which you are going you need to move the kite easily over your head to the other side of the window to avoid unwanted lifts.

There are board leashes available but they are not recommended. Board leashes can cause severe injuries. The best way to retrieve your board is to learn to body drag and use the above mentioned technique.

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