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Checking the Harness

Checking the harness

As you already know, the harness is quite an important piece of equipment for any kiteboarder. It will distribute the weight from your arms through your body for optimal comfort and safety. A novice and beginner rider may consider using a seat harness, as it is safer, while advanced and experienced riders usually go for a waist one as it offers extra freedom for tricks.

No matter if you use a seat or waist one, there are a few things you have to check on your harness before beginning your ride. First make sure you have picked a harness which suits your body shape and has a spreader bar equipped with a pad for extra comfort. After that, make sure the harness suits you perfectly and it is not too tight or too loose. At the same time, adjust the cut around the back to feel comfortable. 

Adjust the harness so it will not restrict any of your moves. Even if you use a seat harness you need enough freedom to move. For extra safety and comfort your harness should have a handle on the back so fellow kiters can hold you on the land before you depart the beach.

A good thing to do before acquiring a harness is to try before you buy. This way you can rest assured that you have the adequate gear. If you use the harness the correct way and it suits you perfectly, you will avoid hurting your back or other injuries and you will feel totally safe out on the waves.

Strap your harness on, launch the kite, and go have an amazing session!