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A Closer Look at the Genetrix Kites


The famous French kiteboarding gear manufacturer Genetrix is quite a record breaker. Genetrix together with pro rider Sebastien Cattelan were the first to break the 50 and 55 knots speed limit and they are really proud of it. Today, Genetrix holds the GPS World record of 56.87 knots (105.32 kmh) speed and it is most likely to set another one soon.

This season Genetrix came up with two unique kite models, the Hydra V5 and The Origin 2. Both of them are robust kites and are built using high quality Teijin T9600 fabrics, and both of them are fast and accurate.

The Hydra V5 is developed by Martial Camblong and it is intended to deliver extra speed and hangtime. It is a kite designed for competition racing and hangtime and it is enhanced to offer comfort and precise control in any wind or wave conditions. The kite uses an Ultra Flat Shape and has amazing depower capabilities. A new bridle system maintains the kite’s profile in any situation and assures extra stability. Even if it is really fast, the Hydra V5 is extra safe and gives you the confidence you need to push your limits to the max.

The Origin 2 is a SLE C kite which excels at waveriding and freestyle. The kite behaves astonishing on all terrain and it is guaranteed to offer both fun and performance. The great thing about it is that it is a very intuitive kite and it suits all riders, regardless of skill level. The kite has a moderate aspect ratio and uses a four line configuration combined with a pulley free bridle system. It is extremely easy to operate and redefines the term versatility.

The World of kiteboarding evolves fast and Genetrix keeps up with it with the release of the Hydra V5 and Origin 2, two amazing new generation kites. If you have the chance to try them do that, and you won’t be sorry. As Sebastien Cattelan would say: “Enjoy your ride!”