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Get Ready for the Waves

Get ready for the waves

If you are kiting in a crowded location, and not only, you should pay extra attention to the other riders and to the people around you. Choose a safe place to set up your kite, as riders may be approaching the beach or departing from the shore, and may not have 100% control of their kites. This way you will avoid crashing into them and get injured. Launch your kite and go upwind, avoiding contact with other kites and kiters, swimmers or surfers. 

Before setting out on the water we recommend that you make sure that there are no obstacles or people on a 50 meters or so area downwind. Make sure you will get noticed as your kite departs the beach, so other riders can avoid coming in contact with you, avoid hurting you or themselves and damaging the kites. As you start your session avoid colliding with other kitesurfers yourself by making sure you are at a proper distance from them. Keep your kite on the edge of the wind and lower yourself until you have plenty of space to perform your favorite tricks. If you see another rider who is quite aggressive and is probably going to get in your way, try to keep your distance. This way you won't get bruised or get into a fight. It is always best to be civilized. Once you are done kiting and you approach the beach make sure that the place where you wish to land is free and there are no other kiters trying to lad there or trying to depart from that place.

Once you are on the beach signal a fellow to help you land your kite by tapping the top of your head. Surely, there will be someone who is kind enough to help you. Once you start packing your kite, be very careful not to tangle your lines with someone else’s. Once the kite is packed you can throw the bag on your back and get going.