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Help Fellow Kitesurfers Land Their Kite Properly

Help fellow kitesurfers land their kite properly

Many times the riders who are done with their session will require your help to land their kite. You will often come face to face with the following situation, especially if you are kiting in a place where many other kiteboarders practice this sport. You must wait for the rider to signal you that he wishes to land the kite to make sure that is his real intention.

Afterwards, if you are kind, you can help your fellow land his kite the proper way. The proper way to help him is just hold the leading edge, turn the kite over, hold it down using your hands of feet and wait for the other kitesurfer to come and pin it down using some sand or any other available weight load.

Of course you can put some sand or rocks over the flipped kite yourself, but if the rider who wishes to land it has not had a great day and you don’t really know him, he might get upset. It is recommended to hold the kite for him and wait until he reaches it, to avoid damaging the canopy and get into an argue.  At the same time, if you are on a sandy beach, and the sand is smooth, there should be no problem pouring some sand on the front edge of the canopy to keep it in place. Soft sand will not damage the kite, as canopies are often reinforced against abrasion. Just pour enough sand to keep the kite steady, so it won’t move if the wind picks up.

We recommend holding the kite until the rider can grab hold of it and secure it. This way he will thank you and you can be sure you have done a great job.