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How to Pick the Right Kite Size

Kite Crash

Choosing a kite according to your specific needs is crucial. Forget the idea that you will impress the audience by using a huge flying machine. Your weight, your skills and the wind conditions are the factors which must guide you when you decide to use a certain type of kite.

There are several kites which perform nice in a wide range of wind conditions, but the perfect kite for all riders and all conditions is still a myth. One of the beauties of kiteboarding is that it always offers new challenges and a new field to play on. Forget about using one kite only because it is your favorite and take into consideration the weather conditions as well as your skills.

The kite works in direct connection with the wind, so if you choose a large kite and the wind is really powerful, than you will probably not be able to keep it steady. With no control over the kite you can be easily swept away, dragged and even hurt.  The kite’s size is proportional with the kite power, so, if the wind increases really fast, the kite sizes are outmatched and you can get over powered. Some of the newer kites behave well when overpowered, so you can still feel comfortable, but others become dangerously overpowered and that’s when you need to worry.

If you choose a kite according to the specified wind range you won’t have any problems. Check the manufacturer’s specifications and take them into consideration. This way your kite will feel steady, comfortable and easy to handle and you will enjoy a nice session.

Do not overestimate your skills and do not underestimate the wind strength. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation drop the kite and head back to the beach. Remember that safety is very important. This way you will avoid possible injuries and you won’t damage the gear.