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Kite Differences

Kite Differences

You may wonder what a C-kite, bow or hybrid kite means if you are not yet very familiar with the world of kiteboarding. It is best to know the characteristics of a kite, so you can choose one that suits best your needs.

The C-kite or C shaped kite is one of the first kite model released. It has a pronounced “C” profile and doesn't use a bridle system. A C-kite is usually pretty powerful and develops a good traction force. Even if  the C-shaped kites were the first models available on the market, they are still used by a lot of riders as they are simple and reliable.

Another type of kite is the bow one, and it is based on a bridled leading edge design. This kite is one of the most popular ones today due to the total depower options it offers. This option assures extra safety and increases the wind range of your kite. Just think that if your kite gets to aggressive you just let the bar off or pull the depower line and your kite will depower instantly. At the same time a bow kite is easier to relaunch than a C one if it is crashed.

The bow kites can be divided into three categories: bow, hybrid and delta. A hybrid shaped kite is basically a C-kite which is enhanced with extra depower capabilities. Perhaps the most efficient type of bow kite is the Delta shaped one. A delta kite features swept back wing tips, has plenty of power and offers fast turns and rotations. It has an increased steering response and it is very stable.

Choose a C-kite if you love old school riding or a bow kite if you demand additional features like depower or auto relaunch for your tricks. Bow, hybrid or C, the most important thing is to feel comfortable while you are riding your kite and to use the right size according to the wind conditions to experience a great session.