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Kiteboarding Attitude


You see all the pro and experienced riders performing astonishing tricks out on the waves and you surely want to ride like them. This is absolutely possible, but you have to take into consideration that you need proper training and proper gear. Performing a new trick can be difficult at the beginning, but it can be done if you prepare yourself mentally and physically.

Two of the reasons that may hold you back are injury and trying to avoid making a fool of yourself. Don’t be discouraged, any injury can be avoided if you know your moves and you believe you can perform the trick. Take all the precautions but also take the risk and try. Perhaps you will not succeed at the first attempt, but you have to know that practice makes champs. If we look at a front roll move, it may seem easy, but can go wrong if you are half way through the spin and pull the bar side too hard. That is why you have to be aware of your moves at all times and not pull the control bar at the wrong time. You will land pretty smooth and you will be very confident the next time you perform this trick if you get it right from the first attempts.

Don’t be afraid of a few rough landings, because your performance will improve very fast. At the same time don’t be afraid or embarrassed to try new tricks. If you master the beginner moves, you definitely need to make your way to advanced riding. Again, even if you may not succeed the first time you perform a new trick, rest assured that even pro riders and champs started by experiencing a few crashes and wrong moves.

The idea is to keep trying until you get it right. Don’t take into consideration the laughs of other riders. Some time ago, someone else has laughed at their moves also. Approach the new tricks gradually, get accustomed to every move necessary for the trick, practice and you will ride like the pros.