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Kitebording Since an Early Age: Interview with Tom Bridge

Tom Bridge

Kiteboarding is one of the most appreciated extreme sports. People start practicing it at an early age and hope to reach great performance and compete in the World’s greatest events. One of the youngest talents in kiteboarding is Tom Bridge, the son of World Champ course racer Steph Bridge. Like father, like son. Of course that Tom loves this sport and we are sure he has an awesome trainer in the person of his father. In a recent interview for Kite World Magazine, the young rider talks a bit about himself.

Tom loved kiteboarding since he first saw his dad and mom practicing it, and soon he took the control bar in his own hands. He remembers that he started with a Flexifoil Sting kite. Since they live near the Eve River, Tom has all the conditions to perform right at home. Flat water and small waves await him anytime he wishes to ride.

Learning kitesurfing was not a piece of cake, but it was fun. Both his father and older brother taught him the secrets of this great sport. Now that he is in school he must split his time between classes and training, but that is not a problem. He is now training to perform front mobe 7 and blind judge 7, so we must admit he is really skilled. Tom’s favorite moves include the low Hasselhoff as well as the front mobe to blind.

Tom would love to hang out with Shaun White, and his favorite riders are Aaron Hadlow and Andy Yates. At the moment he performs with pro riders and champs Ned Taylor and Jack Shoulder, so he has some world class company.

Tom is a promising young talent and there is no doubt that we will hear from him very soon. His skills and perseverance will surely get him to top places at the world’s most famous competitions.