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Motor Drive – Back Mobe

back mobe

Learning to perform new tricks takes time and requires a lot of practice, but in the end it is worthwhile.  One of the coolest kiteboarding tricks is the back mobe. It is sensational and it is guaranteed to attract the acclaim of the people watching you. It is not a simple trick to perform and you need to train before getting it right. Back mobe combines a 540 degrees backroll with a 180 degrees backside, with the pass of the bar behind the back.

- Before attempting the trick try to visualize the execution to set the exact moment when you are going to perform the 180 degrees rotation with the handle pass.
- Begin the trick with the kite positioned at 45 degrees or lower and the edge ready to pop (be careful not to over rotate).
- Once you are airborne keep rotating as you perform your initial back roll and do not leave your legs behind.
- Lift your legs until they are in a horizontal position by the time you spun 540 degrees.
- Your body should keep rotating the last 180 degrees with the handle pass. Practice until you can grab the bar behind your back without hassle.
- As you descend prepare for the landing depending on the height and speed you are at.
- If you land in force bend your knees to attenuate the impact and prevent injuries.

This move is spectacular and requires training and skills. By the way, it is the favorite move of pro rider and champ Alex Pastor.