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Rescue Procedures

Rescue Procedures

Self rescue techniques are very important. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you are attached to the leash and then let go of the bar. Go towards the kite up the leash line. At the same time avoid to get tangled in the lines. Keep a good grip on the leash line as the kite might flip a couple of times. The kite won’t power up as long as you hold on the leash line.

Once you reach the kite grab it from the leading edge and start folding it from the wingtip until you can safely grab both wingtips. Once the kite is folded and you hold the wingtips, it will act as a sail. You need to position towards the beach and it will drag you there. While the kite drags you towards the beach watch the lines.

When you reach the beach let go of one wingtip and hold the kite from the leading edge. Secure the kite once you are safe. Pour some sand on it to keep it in place and take care of the control bar and lines.

There are times when you might need to help someone rescue the kite. This is a more difficult technique and it must be performed by skilled riders. If you grab someone’s kite out on the waves, hold on to the leading edge and make sure you don’t get tangled in the lines, than body drag towards the shore.

Retrieving someone’s board is much easier. Pass by the board easily and grab it from the straps. You can also help a rider in trouble by carrying him to the beach. Make sure that he hangs on the back of your harness and use the kite to drag you both back to the beach. If you think you can’t rescue the rider in trouble all by yourself it is advised to get help.

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