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The Right Harness

The right harness

Any rider knows that a harness is absolutely required when setting out with his kite on the waves or on land. The idea behind the harness is that it shifts the pressure and load from your arms throughout the body, so the kite is easy to control and the rider feels comfortable.

An advanced or experienced rider who loves to stay upwind and perform tricks will prefer a waist harness, because it gives him a lot more freedom to move. The legs and hips can move easily and the rider can perform therefore extreme tricks without effort. If you are a beginner start by using a seat harness and after you advance you can use a waist one without problems.

For the novice and beginner rider, a seat harness is recommended. The seat harnesses are more rigid and use leg straps for increased safety. Although the rider cannot move as freely as using a waist harness, he will feel very secure and can ride without worrying that the harness will slide off the body. Once the rider picks up the basics of kiteboarding and gathers some experience and wishes to progress, he can switch the seat harness for a waist one.

When you choose a harness, waist or seat, be careful to pick the right one according to your body’s shape. The straps, layout and buckles of a harness come in different sizes and it is advised that you choose the right one. Ideally, a harness can be used with or without suits and allows the rider to feel very comfortable, without being too loose or tight. Choosing the right harness will get you riding comfortable and it will prevent unwanted injuries.