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Things to Do Before Starting Your Session

Things to do before starting your session

If you love kiteboarding you probably can’t wait to get on the beach, set up your gear and enjoy the waves. But before starting your trip you need to know some important info. Make sure you have the proper gear, suitable for your style and skills. At the same time, pick a good location for your session. Check the weather, so you can be aware of the wind and wave conditions, tides and temperature.

If you are a beginner rider, you might want to pick a location which offers a lighter breeze and smooth waves. If you start by learning the basics and you progress step by step,  you will soon become an experienced rider and can go for the big winds and waves. Strong wind can be dangerous for novice riders and it is best to be avoided. After you have checked the destination, make sure to pick the right kite. It has to match your weight as well as the wind speed. Be careful, because a large kite can get quite aggressive in strong winds and you might get hurt.

Do not use a specific kite size just because other riders are using it, your kite must suit only your specific needs. For the novice or first time rider it is very important to have someone watching over him. It can be an instructor or a more experienced friend who can help him launch and land the kite or rescue him in case of danger. Before entering the water inspect your equipment to make sure it is in proper condition for use. Once you set on the water be careful not to get in anyone’s way, to avoid collision or possible injury.

As kiteboarding can be exhausting, make sure you keep some strength left, to get back on the shore. It is easier to fly your kite to the shore than swim to get back on the beach. So, check your gear, check the weather conditions and be aware of your skills and limits and you will have a great session.