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Training Kites

Training Kites

Training kites are similar with power kites, with the exception that they don’t develop so much power. Training kites can have 2 or 4 lines. They are recommended for beginners because they are the perfect platforms for learning basic kite flying and piloting.

To set up the training kite, lay it down on the beach and hold it in place by pouring some sand on its edges. Position it in the downwind position. This way it won’t get blown away. After releasing the bridle connection points stretch out the lines and also keep them in place by pinning the down with some sand. Carefully unwind the lines and set the control bar down, keeping in mind that the red part of the bar is on the left hand side.

Walk towards the kite holding the lines to make sure that there are no twists and connect the lines to the kite. If the kite is positioned downwind of you when you pull the bar it will release the sand and go airborne. The kite is steered just like a bike. The kite will turn towards the side of the bar on which you pull. Remember: red for left, blue for right. Make sure that you don’t twist the bar because nothing will happen (or just the lines will tangle). The kite is controlled by pulling the bar.

At the beginning practice simple moves to get used to the kite. Move it from 12 o’clock to 1 o’clock and backwards, than advance from 12 to 2 and back and then to 3. Practice this moves on both the left and right sides.

Training Kites is the first tutorial from the series The Newcomer’s Handbook to Kiteboarding intended to teach you basic kiteboarding techniques. The next one is: Wind Conditions and the Wind Window.