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Cabrinha S-Killit 2010

Cabrinha S-Killit 2010

Kiteboard Model: S-Killit
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Cabrinha
  • 5’10” egg shaped thruster surfboard
  • Generous volume and wide outline
  • EPX construction - makes for a light yet very strong board
  • EVA pads in the front and rear
  • Future fin system – removable fin system that’s strong, user friendly, and offers better performance than glass-on fins
  • Inserts for strapped riding

Want to go out and tackle the waves? Then you need to get Cabrinha’s 2010 S-Killit board as it excels in these conditions. Want to go out and ride in light wind conditions? Then you need to get the 2010 S-Killit if you want to ride while everybody else has gone back to the beach. Want to have a fun, amusing freeride session? Then you need to get, you’ve guessed it, the 2010 S-Killit board.

The 2010 S-Killit, thanks to its generous volume and lightweight EPX foam core will ride like a charm in light wind conditions. It will perform great as a strapless freestyle board when the wind picks up. You will be able to pull off strapless airs, reverses and tail slides like it’s nobody’s business. 

This board has been specifically designed to handle the real world wave conditions every rider has to face. As Cabrinha explained, this board has been developed in the “quest to make the most out of marginal wind and wave conditions.” With its egg shape, this thruster surfboard will tear apart any beach break. It will do so when you ride strapped or unstrapped.

If this board were to receive marks for its performance, these are the marks it would get:
Waves – 10
Freeride – 8
Light wind – 8

Freestyle – 5
Race – 2