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Cabrinha S-Quad 2010

Cabrinha S-Quad 2010

Kiteboard Model: S-Quad
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Cabrinha
Best For
Waveriding  Lightwind  Freeride
Board sizes

Length and width:
170 x 47cm or 5’7” x 18.5”
185 x 47.6cm or 6’1” x 18.75”

  • 4-fin Epoxy board
  • EPX construction - makes for a light yet very strong board
  • Future fin system – removable fin system that’s strong, user friendly, and offers better performance than glass-on fins
  • Custom board feel and flex
  • EVA pads in the front and rear
  • Inserts for strapped riding

The 2010 4-fin Epoxy S-Quad board is a good choice if you want to do two things: number one – surf hard; and number two – surf fast. The simple truth of the matter is that the 2010 S-Quad is a high performance board that you can ride hard and fast in the waves, in light wind conditions, and during your freeride session. It is a board that you can ride strapped or strapless, hooked or unhooked, in small surf or in water 15-feet deep.

If this board were to receive marks for its performance, these are the marks it would get:
Waves – 10
Freeride – 8
Light wind - 8
Freestyle – 5
Race – 3