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Caution Mayhem X 2010

Caution Mayhem X 2010 Kite Review

Sizes: 18m  14m  11m  9m  7m  5m
Kite Type: SLE
Best For: Freestyle
Brand: Caution

Control Bar

For the 2010 range of kites Caution has completely redesigned the control bar. As Caution explained, when developing the 2010 control bar it was looking too get the perfect blend of performance, safety and convenience. Furthermore, when developing the 2010 control bar Caution had one specific type of rider in mind – the unhooked rider. Caution’s aim was to come up with a bar that is perfectly suited for the unhooked rider.

 Here is what you can expect to get from 2010 control bar:
- 4-line bar that is simple and user friendly
- New one piece spring tensioned quick release (Quick-Fire Safety Release)
- Under-the-bar spinning capability
- New spectra throw line with on-the-fly cruise control bar
- New top grade flying lines (24 meters long, color coded lines)
- New ergonomic carbon bar
- Adjustable length bar ends
- Spinning safety leash
- Power strap located above the bar for convenience
- The trim loop becomes rigid when unhooked.

5m – 17 knots to 40 knots
7m – 15 knots to 37 knots
9m – 14 knots to 35 knots
11m – 10 knots to 27 knots
14m – 7 knots to 25 knots
18m – 5 knots to 22 knots

Please note that the wind ranges are based on a 75kg (165lbs) rider. Actual wind ranges may vary according to your body weight and ability level, and according to water conditions, board size, and riding style. You should always use common sense and your personal experience when selecting a kite size. If you don’t know what kite size to use, talk to other riders and see what they’re using on the water.

Caution Mayhem X 2010 Rating: 3.92 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews: